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The Polish Physical Society consists of ordinary members, honorary members and supporting members

Ordinary member can become an adult Polish citizen or a foreigner recommended by at least two ordinary members (introductory members) and accepted by way of a resolution by the Management Board of one of the branches of the Polish Physical Society.

Honorary membership is granted for life by the Meeting of PPS Delegates to a person who has made special contributions to PPS or has outstanding achievements in the field of physics or related sciences.

The status of a supporting member is granted by the PPS Main Board to a natural person or institution interested in supporting PPS activities under the terms of the agreement.

It is the duty of each member to contribute to the development of the Polish Physical Society and actively participate in the implementation of its statutory objectives. In its activities, the member is guided by his own initiative and a sense of responsibility for the development of PPS. A member has the right to use all forms of the Society's activity, to participate in them and to support its initiatives by the PPS bodies in accordance with the statutory objectives.

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The procedure of becoming a member of the Polish Physical Society begins with filling in the application form available by clicking the above button. In the form, in addition to personal data, please briefly describe your interests and motivation for joining the Society. It is also necessary to provide the e-mail addresses of two current PPS members, who will testify with their names about the value that the candidate will bring to the ranks of the Society. After submitting the form, they will need to confirm it in the system in their member accounts. Then, the application will be discussed by the Management Board of the PPS Branch indicated in the form. Before making a decision, the Branch Management may contact the candidate and require additional information or activities (e.g. participation in a seminar). In the last step of the procedure, the Management Board adopts a resolution on accepting the candidate by an absolute majority of votes. If the resolution is not adopted, the candidate has the right to appeal against this decision to the Main Board of PPS. After being accepted into the ranks of the Polish Physical Society, a new member receives an account in the PPS IT system, active and passive electoral rights to PPS bodies, and is assigned a mandatory membership fee in the amount determined by the Main Board of PPS.

We also encourage you to join the group of members of the European Physical Society, in which the Polish Physical Society is affiliated. Join >>>