Main Board of the Polish Physical Society

President of the PPS:

Honorary President:

  • Leszek Sirko (Warsaw Branch)

General Secretary of the PPS:

  • Bogdan Kowalski (Warsaw Branch)

PPS Treasurer:

  • Jan Grabski (Warsaw Branch)

Members of the Main Board of the PPS:

  • Katarzyna Chałasińska-Macukow (Warsaw Branch)
  • Zofia Drzazga (Katowice Branch)
  • Dariusz Grech (Wrocław Branch)
  • Bohdan Grządkowski (Warsaw Branch)
  • Stanisław Kistryn (Cracow Branch)
  • Adam Maj (Cracow Branch)
  • Sławomir Miernicki (Warsaw Branch)
  • Aneta Mika (Szczecin Branch)
  • Józef Spałek (Cracow Branch)
  • Aneta Szczygielska-Łaciak (Katowice Branch)
  • Andrzej Ślebarski (Katowice Branch)
  • Andrzej Wysmołek (Warsaw Branch)

    Committees of the Main Board:

    Large Research Devices Commitee

    • Chairman: Wojciech Zając (Cracow Branch)


      The possibility of experimental studies of matter using beams of neutrons, muons, electrons, hadrons and synchrotron radiation generated in large research devices is very important for the development of science. Such research provides opportunities to discover new phenomena and properties, as well as extend the scope of research compared to methods used in ordinary laboratories. However, the availability of large devices and their research capabilities are not well known and used in the Polish scientific community. This created the basis for specifying the objectives of the Commission's work.

      The main goal of the Commission is to popularize knowledge and research opportunities created by large research devices in the physicists community, as well as in the broader circle of natural sciences (chemists, biologists, materials scientists, technologists) .

      In this area, the role of the Commission can be helpful in providing information about research opportunities on these devices and encouraging young scientists to undertake this type of research. It is important that the implementation of such experiments gives the opportunity to obtain research results and publish them at the highest world level with minimal financial outlay.


    Legal and Legislative Committee

    • Chairman: Dariusz Grech (Wrocław Branch)

      The purpose of the Committee is to prepare and process resolutions of the Main Board and to edit the positions of the Polish Physical Society on socially important matters. He also watches over the compliance of internal legal acts with each other and with the legal system of the Republic of Poland and the directives of the European Union.

    International Cooperation Committee

    • Chairman: Szymon Bauch (Warsaw Branch)

      The Committee is to prepare assumptions and procedures for the Main Board regarding international contacts and take care of the relations of the Polish Physical Society with the European Physical Society as well as physical societies and scientific associations of other countries. 

    Main Audit Committee

    • Krzysztof Malarz (Cracow Branch)
      Janusz Miśkiewicz (Wrocław Branch)
      Piotr Rączka (Warsaw Branch)
      Natalia Targosz - Ślęczka (Szczecin Branch)
      Jerzy Wysłocki (Częstochowa Branch)

    The electoral commission

    • Maria Dobkowska - Warsaw Branch
      Alina Dudkowiak - Poznań Branch
      Ewelina Kędzierska - Warsaw Branch
      Piotr Sitarek - Wrocław Branch
      Andrzej Wilczek - Katowice Branch
      Witold Zawadzki - Krakow Branch

    Peer Court

    • Marek Cieplak †
    • Marek Gluza
    • Tomasz Greczyło
    • Wiesław Kamiński
    • Natalia Kruszewska
    • Mikołaj Lewandowski
    • Małgorzata Wysocka - Kunisz