Act with us and discover how nature works!

The Polish Physical Society is made up of hundreds of people fascinated by physics. Sounds scary? Not at all! Physics is how you can boil water for tea. These are dependencies that allow you to be on time to school, work or a meeting. It is discovering the cosmos - the huge one above our heads and the tiny one inside atoms. Physics is life after all - how it works, how to understand it, how to make it easier. If you also sometimes ask yourself the question "Why does something work?" or "How can something be done?" then you're actually a physicist too. Maybe you don't have enough knowledge and skills yet, but the first step, the step that inspires us all, is already behind you.

That is why we invite you to join us at scientific picnics, open lectures, competitions and other games in which we want to answer your questions, we want to guide you to ask more. And so, by answering the question and further questions resulting from the answer, together we will approach great discoveries. Because really, the most fun is not finding the answer! This means that we may be the first person to ask about it? Maybe we have a chance for a real discovery that will become a step forward for human civilization?


Act with us and support Polish scientists!

The Polish Physical Society is made up of hundreds of people fascinated by physics. Scientists, teachers, enthusiasts and entrepreneurs - people who care about the scientific and economic potential of our country. Every technique starts with physics. Every invention germinates in the human mind at the beginning. Every scientific discovery begins with a school desk and an inspiring lesson. How many scientists and inventors in the history of Poland were underestimated, underfunded, unable to implement their ideas.

We want every Polish student interested in physics to have a chance to develop their skills, so that every Polish student who wants to ask research or technical questions can look for answers on their own, so that every Polish scientist who has achieved success in his field will be duly appreciated. Thanks to this, Polish innovative thought will also affect your life.


Act with us and let's make the history of physics together!

The Polish Physical Society is made up of hundreds of people fascinated by physics. Physics, however, is constantly evolving. One can even say that development is inscribed in it as the foundation and sense of existence. If you feel a part of this unceasing path of physics and you try to add your strength in a school room, in front of a computer screen simulating models of phenomena, in a research laboratory or in your company's development unit - the Polish Physical Society is your community.

Become a member of our Society. Together with us, teach future physicists, explore the secrets of nature, popularize achievements and support colleagues in their difficulties and successes. For over 100 years, in the Polish Physical Society, we have wanted to stick together, rejoice together, build the technical progress of our country and the entire civilization together. We can do more with you.