Membership fees

The Main Board of PPS reminds all PPS members of the obligation to pay membership fees for the current year. The amounts of contributions are the same as in the previous year:

  • persons without a doctoral degree: PLN 40;
  • PhD holders: PLN 80;
  • people with the habilitation or the title of professor: PLN 120;
  • pensioners: PLN 40;
  • pupils, students and doctoral students admitted to PPS for the first time, for two years from the moment of admission: PLN 10.


Timely payment of contributions is related to the need for rational planning of expenses of the PPS Main Board (office services, accounting, IT and technical services, publishing Postępy Fizyki, co-financing of PPS prizes and activities popularizing physics, support for Branches and Conventions, contributions to EPS).

The preferred method of paying the premium is automatic payment via the portal. To make a payment in this way, after entering the website, log in to your membership profile by pressing the "Login" button in the upper right corner of the page, and then enter your login and password. After logging in to your profile, the "My Membership" page will appear, on which, after pressing the SETTLEMENT button, you will see the registered PTF contributions paid by you.  In order to pay the premiums, in the LIST OF CHARGES panel at the bottom of the page, uncheck the unpaid premiums in the CHARGES checkbox. On the right, at the bottom, the PAY button will appear, after pressing which the system redirects you to the ELECTRONIC PAYMENT SERVICE page. After entering the e-mail address, approving the payment regulations and pressing the GO TO AUTOPAY PAYMENT button, the system redirects us to the transaction website where you can choose the payment method by online transfer from your bank account or by BLIK. After selecting the payment method, the system redirects us to the website of the appropriate bank, where we make the transfer. After making the payment using this method, we receive an e-mail from the portal informing about the payment, and the payment is automatically recorded on the member account (in some cases it may take up to several minutes). If we want to check whether our payment has actually been recorded on the PTF portal, it is best to log out of the profile and log in again after a short while.

Another way to pay the contribution is to pay the fee by direct transfer to a separate PTF contribution sub-account at Bank Handlowy (please do not pay any other fees to this account!):
Account number: 50 1030 0019 0109 8533 0003 8362
whose owner is: Polish Physical Society, 00-681 Warsaw, ul. Hoża 69
In the description of the transfer, please provide the name and surname of the member and the year/years for which the fee is paid. By additionally providing your membership number, you will make it easier for us to identify your payment. In the case of this payment method, information about the payment made will appear on the member's account after the entry is made by the PPS Chief Treasurer, who, after downloading the data from the bank account, will approve the payment of the fee and prescribe the date of payment. This can happen even after a few days from the moment of making the payment.

People who have forgotten their password to their profile on the PTF portal should use the password renewal option (; for this purpose, it is necessary to know the login and the last e-mail address recorded in the PTF electronic database as the contact address with PPS.

Persons who have even forgotten the login or e-mail address they provided for contacts with PPS or have never had a membership profile on the portal should contact the Secretary or Treasurer of the Branch or the Treasurer of PPS.


PPS Treasurer (