Jerzy Pniewski and Leopold Infeld Colloquium - March 29, 2021

The next Jerzy Pniewski and Leopold Infeld Colloquium of the Faculty of Physics will be held on monday, MARCH THE 29TH, at 4.30 PM. This time we will listen to a lecture of DR ALEKSANDA KARDAŚ from Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw.

The lecture title is:

Human-induced climate change is a fact. It has and will have serious consequences for our lives and the lives of future generations. Many people raise the question how to counteract these changes in the most effective way. During the lecture we will learn about the directions of possible actions, which result from the latest report prepared by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. This report was prepared by
91 scientists and experts from 40 countries.

Here is a link to the Colloquium on the Zoom platform:
Meeting ID: 938 8168 7598
Passcode: prv316

You are welcome to join the meeting 15-30 minutes before the Colloquium to talk or chat in an informal atmosphere.