Jerzy Pniewski and Leopold Infeld Colloquium - January 25, 2021

The first in 2021 year, Jerzy Pniewski and Leopold Infeld Colloquium of the Faculty of Physics will be held on MONDAY, JANUARY THE 25TH, at 4.30 PM.

This time we will listen to a lecture of PROF. TOMASZ LIPNIACKI from Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Warsaw, Poland. The lecture title is:


With the time passing since the beginning of the SARS CoV 2 pandemic, empirical data are increasing and our understanding of the mechanisms responsible for the spread of the virus is improving. This is also reflected in the construction of increasingly reliable models describing, for example, the distribution of incidence over time. The upcoming lecture will give us an overview of the most current state of knowledge in this area.

The abstract of the lecture is provided below this message.

Here is a link to the Colloquium on the Zoom platform:
Meeting ID: 938 8168 7598
Passcode: prv316

You are welcome to join the meeting 15-30 minutes before the Colloquium to talk or chat in informal atmosphere.