Scalars 2013

12 września 2013 - 16 września 2013

Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw and the Polish Physical Society


Warsaw, Poland

The conference "Scalars 2013", being a continuation of "Scalars 2011", is supposed to be a forum to discuss various aspects of physics of scalar particles and scalar fields. These topics include:
 - Standard Model Higgs boson
 - Multi-Higgs Models
 - Fundamental scalars in supersymmetric extensions of the SM
 - New scalars implied by extensions of the SM gauge group
 - Scalars and neutrino masses
 - Elementary scalars within extra dimensions
 - Composite Higgs bosons
 - Higgs bosons on the lattice
 - Scalars in cosmology (dark matter, baryogenesis, inflatons, axions, quintesence)
 - Experimental search for scalar particles (LHC, ILC, low energy experiments)